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"Eben Sadie, the innovative winemaker at Sadie Family Wines, twice winner of Platter's Winery of the Year, is another advocate. He has constructed a special amphora cellar at his Malmesbury winnery to extend the dedicated facility for the making of his flagship Palladius (Chennin - led) blend, fermented and lees - aged in clay and concrete amphorae. He says " It adds more depth and structure to the wine, but doesn't let wines go flabby; they stay linear, dense and tight. It's finer stitching"

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"Winemaker Duncan Savage of Savage Wines, comments "We started the amphora project at Cape Point Vineyards in 2006 to use South African made pots as opposed to French oak. The pots are quite oxidative, making them fantastic for fermentation and for a style less focused on upfront aromatics. The pots are also great conductors, which makes managing ferment temperatures and the like really easy. For years we fermented Semillion in the pots (to make CPV Isliedh) but I started working on Grenache and Cinsaut on the skins in the amphorae. The results are amazing and gave birth to "Follow the Line" (his acclaimed Cinsaut, Grenache and Shiraz blend. (Good Taste, January 2016"


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Winemakers currently using Yogi de Beer amphorae are the following:


Duncan Savage

Eben Sadi

Chris Alheit

Catherine Marshal

Peter Alan Findleyson

Avondale: Corne Marais

Elsenberg: Lorraine

Haskell: Rihani Strydom

Longridge: Jasper Raats

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