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 Clay wine amphorae are made to order. 

Standard amphorae follow barrel sizes, 200 liter and 600 liters, but he is happy to work with winemakers on bespoke orders.

You can choose to add traditional lug handles to the neck of the pot for ease of moving, or to have them without handles.

Every pot comes with a flat thrown clay lid, that can be sealed onto the pot with cellar wax once the amphora is full of juice. 

Yogi is able to stamp the amphora with a logo if desire

The amphora are easy to clean with a  good spray inside with a barrel washer. The base of the amphora has a hole in its center which allows them to be drained easily. This hole is plugged with a barrel bung before filling. 

Ceramic amphora last. As long as they are not bumped or broken, a ceramic jar will last and can be used forever, making them a very cost effective vessel for wine making.

The amphora are comparative in price to wine barrels per liter. If you would like a quote or further information, please get in touch with Yogi via the contact page, or give Yogi a call.

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